Friday, 14 March 2014

The Viscount Project, part I

The first time we lived in Bath, we had an old Viscount organ. Here it is:

This is not an organ. (This is a picture of an organ.)

Around the time we were planning to move to London, something in the keys started dying. The beats were okay, the bass pedals were okay, but something in the connection to the keyboard was dodgy. But  that was fine, because the good bits of the organ were the beats and the bass pedals. What's more, I had an idea:

pull out the brains/guts and make them standalone instruments.

So, just before we moved, I pulled the whole thing apart. This thing was put together by hand, and it was built to last. Persistence paid off, though, and in a couple hours I was looking at this:

There was a lot of dust.

Knowing that I wouldn't be doing anything with this immediately— and also knowing that I have the memory of a fruitfly when it comes to details (unless, weirdly, they are presented to me in the form of dialogue, in which case I will remember them forever) — I was careful to photograph all of the wires' connections before I pulled them apart.

Then we snuck the outside frame bits into a tip (shhhhh), packed up all the electronics into some suitcases, and moved to London!

Our place there was okay. But there wasn't a lot of room to spread out and build stuff.

Then we went to Japan, where Emma got a book deal:

And a bit over a year after we left Bath, we moved back, into a nice house. Where I rekindled the dream of the Viscount-bits-in-a-box. Or rather, boxes.

Next up: I sign up for a woodworking class!