Monday, 22 October 2012

Farewells IV: A farewell to self-employment, aka poverty

So the reason we moved to London is because I got a job. A, you know, 'real' job. Because we needed visas, and of course because I am, in Emma's memorable phrase, "maybe the only person to have ever turned a music degree into a technical qualification". And because it was just time. Time for a change, time to put all this exploration and self-teaching and learning and so on to some use. And time to be part of a team, to join a project that's someone else's and learn and contribute in that sort of way.

And so now I help write the iPad and iPhone app Shazam, that one that tells you what song is playing. The algorithm (published here [pdf] and explained here) is mega-cool, although we're not working on that so much these days as we are on making the app more user-friendly, more social, and, well, prettier. It seems to have a (not entirely undeserved) reputation as a brilliant idea that could use some love on the implementation front (again, not technically so much as from a user-experience perspective) and so it will be fun to make that happen over the next months.

And then! And then!

Emma (who I see has been just as bad about blogging lately as have I, for more or less precisely the same reasons) also got a job. A 'real' job. As a professor. Of pop. For... Bath Spa University.

That's right. We moved to London so that she could have a monster commute.

This is survivable because the demandingness of professorial jobs is counterbalanced by their incredible flexibility. So Emma is in Bath an average of 2.5 days a week, and works from home the rest of the time.

And once I've learned the ropes a bit more at Shazam, I will also be able to work from home a day or two a week, and we will again be able to chase the sun-squares around the living room and eat cereal and go for mid-morning runs.

So, no more of this:

But maybe some more of this:

Read into this photo whatever you will.