Thursday, 6 September 2012

Transatlantic translations, cont'd.

We're all seen the Anglo/EU translation chart by now. Living in the UK for a bit now, I've noticed some more relating to my home country's version of the English language— words that don't mean something totally different between the US and the UK (like "pants" or "government") but instead mean something ever-so-slightly different, in a way where it would be easy not to quite notice.

Word or Phrase What the English hear What Americans hear
You alright? Hello! Dear god, you look terrible, is there anything I can do to help?
What's up? Are you indoors?/Is it cloudy?/Are you religious? Hello!
Boring Inconvenient or unproductively demanding Tedious or unstimulating
Blue (state) Depressed or Conservative jazzy A place with cities
Red (state) Commies Cousins
Cheers Thanks Here's a toast
Ta I am done helping you I am off to audition for a musical

What have I missed? Surely there are some others...