Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The pies of London

So we're moving to London, looks like.

Mixed feelings! Bath is beautiful and so nice. And we have 2/8 years of life-spent-here, which makes things comfortable and easy. And London is (as Claire says) like a more-expensive NYC with cute accents. But it's also potentially-great career-wise. And certainly full of opportunity of all sorts*. And so partly that means: Go! Build new things! Make adventures! And partially it means: stay and be happy.

But of course the UK Border Agency won't let us be dithery. They say: new visa time! Probably they say it in caps, though, and without any expression: NEW VISA TIME. And so I am leveraging my master's degree into a job developing software, and we are moving.

Google Street View (do I need to mention a Google product in every blog post? Maybe) is a great tool for this. Just drop the little yellow figure** on a road, and boom. Two problems arise. The first is that Bath looks pretty much like this:

And so when you drop the pin onto London and it looks like this:

It can be... disheartening.

The other problem is that the amount of sunshine in a given picture is a factor that completely overrides pretty much everything else about a given neighbourhood. What would be clean and nice with a park across the street turns into "probably a bunch of druggies hang out there" if there are clouds, and a couple of thugs slouching down the street in hoodies, past a betting shop, turns into "local character" when the sun shines.

Okay, okay: London has some really nice-looking bits, and we are slightly capable of overcoming the sunshine bias. It will still be expensive, though. Eight days from today is flat-hunting trip #1! (PLUS OLYMPICS)

*The opportunity to get mugged? I've never been mugged.