Sunday, 3 June 2012

Eine kleine game-musik

Last week Waitress for the Bees took a break from a heavy Continental touring schedule to visit and we recorded some tunes. On her previous visit we had laid down a bunch of ideas for SingSmash music, and I plopped them in to the levels to see how it worked. (Mostly amazingly well.)

One of the upshots of this was the decision to only allow background music to play when headphones are plugged in— otherwise the microphone just hears way too much of the background music. Since the background music is always designed to reference the notes required for that level, you get lots and lots of false positives. Coded that in, done, boom.

This time we did actual for-real recording, like, with a click track and everything. No matter how much music I make with Emma, I'm still impressed and amazed at how she really does just speak music like the rest of us speak English. No stopping to think of the best thing to "compose", just here's-a-thing and here's-another-thing. I threw in some suggestions here and there, but basically we recorded 9 of the 10 levels' soundtracks in 4 hours in the studio. (8 of which are the final recordings, we threw out one of them after listening to it the next day. So, see? We even do quality control.)

My only worry is that not enough people will hear the music. Since it's only available when you play on headphones, and lots of testers so far seem to just ignore the plea to play with headphones if possible... I mean, even I played most of Sword & Sworcery without headphones, and I freaking love the details and stereo effects and whatnot in that music. (My idea to have the music only play on headphones came from a glitch in that game, where I didn't get any music during my first or second gaming session until I plugged them in. Coincidence, but honour thy mistake as hidden intention.) Hopefully word will get out about how awesome this music is, and that'll convince folks to grab the earbuds at least some of the time.