Monday, 28 May 2012

Have I raved about this game yet?

I probably have. Raved about it. Already. But I am still, still impressed with Sword & Sworcery. The "rustic pixel" style art (if you zoom in you'll notice that many of the "pixels" are textured in huge detail), the music which has been going through my head and is the first music I've bought in longer than I'd like to admit. The drifting "camera motion" and all the meta-Jungian narrative stuff.

So, um. No secret it's pretty easy to peek inside an app's resource folders. I don't want to spoil any surprises/violate any legal restrictions, but there are a few interesting bits of art in there that don't make it into the actual game. Some of them (a child's drawing?) seem likely to be leftovers from early sprite testing, or just easter eggs that I didn't find. Others hint tantalisingly at an alternate ending or an unused intro (funny, and appropriate, that I can't tell which is which).

On the one hand I feel like I'm outing some secret thing by talking about this. On the other, to use the game's hipster verbiage, if you didn't want people finding those, maybe they should have gotten stripped out of your resource bundle before it went into the wild, amirite? To sum: I don't want to be a jerk. But I love the game and am curious.

Here's hoping that the S&SEP team come out with S&S LP (?) soon-ish, i.e. in the amount of time it takes to make something else incredible. (My only real criticism of the game is that the fight dynamics started out frustrating, and then got kind of same-y once I figured out the tricks. From what I've read about the team they didn't have a wealth of experience in creating that kind of game-mechanic and kind of just did a Mike Tyson's Punch-Out clone... so, forgiven, and I bet we see something really interesting for fights next time.)