Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dress for the job you want...

"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."
These words of wisdom come from my sister— it's a sort of mantra that has served her well, and that I've been trying recently to take to heart. While there are surely times when this wouldn't apply (think of the accountant who really wants to be a fireman, the stripper who aspires to be a CPA— actually, scratch that last one, I'm sure someone's combining those two dress styles right now somewhere near you) this is valid across all sorts of business and non-business situations.

I use it in grad school, even: it's worthwhile to walk that line between looking like you just might, maybe, be a junior professor... versus just looking like a prig. Ultimately you can subliminally align yourself with people who are essentially gatekeepers of professional opportunity— if you're "on their team" or "in their tribe" or whatever, they are more likely to see you as deserving that grant, that conference paper, that research position.

I guess this means I gotta go shop for black mock turtlenecks and stonewashed jeans...

"Mergers and acquisitions is only my day job. Just 'till I catch my big break with the NYFD."