Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Doonesbury pulled for being topical

Ah, the culture wars.

Doonesbury, sort of a litmus test for literacy among comics-readers, is the only currently-syndicated strip (as in, not including Calvin and Hobbes) that remotely engages with issues or policy; many appear to have not moved out of the 1980s, 1960s (cf. an actual 1960s strip— I guess they've canned the smoking) or even the 1940s (though I'll give Schultz the benefit of the doubt and say that it might have been a philosophical choice in his case). It's the sort of thing you hate if you're on the comics page for laffs about lasagna, or love if you read that one strip and then turn to the "opinion" page before Get Fuzzy can assault your eye.


Garry Trudeau has a strip this week that involves abortion. Lots of papers decided they'd show reruns instead. Trudeau gives an interview about it, in which he says that to ignore the issue would have been "comedy malpractice" which is a brilliant phrase. The strip is in response to some over-the-top-ridiculous laws that seem designed by some Democrat political secret operative to drive the entire "women-are-people" electorate (what is that, 85% in the North and 44% in the South?) away from the GOP?

So, yeah. Can we get this across to them somehow? Maybe, though, like, after the election? I think this is making it easier for Obama. Though, surely it will have public-health consequences in the meantime. Maybe a better plan: fight and publicise!

(This breaking news brought to my attention by PZ Meyers.)