Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I have gone and started this, a family blog.

Dear Internets,

It has been a long time coming. I had another blog, once, but it had a specific purpose and what's more was fairly ill-suited for that purpose. And anyway, it's now long-gone. Then I started following all of these awesome family blogs for this family that I am so fortunate to be a sometime hanger-on with. And I thought, hey, maybe I should do one of those. Writing for a not-really-supposed-to-be-public audience will keep my megalomaniacal tendencies at least partially in check (we hope) but writing for you fine people (including, perhaps, my non-blogging but long-suffering immediate family) will let me expound on subject such as:
  • Food and how I have cooked it
  • Bikes and where we ride them
  • Code and whether it's working today or not
  • Etymology (speculative and otherwise), typography, and grammar
  • Science and Scepticism in the news
  • Other cool things we do or find
Exhibit A is a combination. Emma and I got an amazing camera. Partially we want to make movies, and DSLRs have gotten to a point where they shoot nicer-looking (i.e. more-"filmic") video than camcorders. And as long as you don't need to shoot an hour at a stretch the memory cards are fine. Partially I have been unsatisfied with the iPhone camera, even on the iPhone 4. In low light it just kind of grains out and is lousy. Partially I really like new tech-things to play with, especially when they are of a pro or semipro level where all the UI/UX is really taken care of and good smart thought has been put into the feel of a product. Partially we want to document our awesome life in higher fidelity. Partially we want to make music videos. And partially we just really wanted a good camera.

So, after a really intense couple of evenings of research, involving learning some new terms, watching lots of videos online, doing currency conversion for three countries, deciding not to go with the kit lens (worth it. For sure) we bought the Canon 550D. Which I freakin' love. One of the things we learned: There is no overall winner between Canon and Nikon, but they are so tooth-and-nail with each other that in a given price point one of them tends to have a semi-objective edge. And since we don't have any pre-existing muscle-memory for where all the buttons are (I still don't know what 75% of the buttons even do) there wasn't a pre-existing brand magnetism to sway us.

This, then, are a few of the first photos from this camera. Emma hasn't had much time to play with it since she's being awesome in Vermont right now, so I have it in Cambridge. We have some beautiful food and some beautiful snow here. And sometimes I wear bow ties: